Killaloe Craft and Community Fair


There are many great places to camp around the grounds.

RV’s are limited to the top of the hill; to the left as you come out of the gate in the area marked ‘trailer camping’, and to the right and in the area marked ‘quiet trailer camping’.

Car campers can also use these areas, as well as the clump of trees to left past ‘trailer camping’. You are also welcome to camp in your car in the parking area but please no tents.

For those who don’t mind hauling their gear along a level road, you can drop your stuff off at the ‘drop off zone’, move your car to the upper parking lot, then carry your gear to the beautiful ‘walk in camping’ area.

If you want a quiet spot to camp ‘quiet camping’, all the way to the right from the gate is a great choice. You can’t drive all the way in, but if you park at the end of the parking area it is not far to walk to the camping area. There are two short but steep trails that lead you down to the main area and flush toilets.

For people that need accessible parking, let the gate volunteers know and you will be given a parking pass to put in your windshield for the lower accessible parking area, close by is the accessible camping area

There are some camping spots before you get down to the accessible parking, just please keep the lower parking area open for vendors and accessible parking.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions