The Corporation

Updated: Jan 29 21
 Created: Dec 06 19

By-law passed - Hurray!

The KCCF Annual General Meeting held on November 24, 2019 passed our new operating by-law.  A lot of time and energy went into creating our by-law and we are grateful to all those who volunteered their time, especially Bradley & Howe Professional Corporation for their legal advice.  

You can read the new by-law here.

Board of Directors

Your Killaloe Craft and Community Fair board of directors going into 2020 will be:
Jude Cowan, Katrina Lyons, Tao Organ, Tammy Reimer, Deedee Sanderson and Ellen Wyss.

They look forward to another year of working together to create a strong and stable organization. 

Proposed Change to Letters Patent

The Killaloe Craft and Community Fair was incorporated in September of 1979 with this stated object:
To organize and carry out the cultural event known as the Killaloe Craft and Community Fair in order to maintain a property as a site for that event and to accomodate other recreational, educational and cultural activities that may occur throughout the year in the area.

The Board is proposing to change that object to reflect the position that the primary goal of the corporation is to safeguard the land as a community resource.  So the following change to the Corporation's object was proposed at the AGM in November, 2019.  
To preserve the property located at 2789 Mountain View Road, Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards, for the collective enjoyment of and continued use by the KCCF community;
To organize and carry out a cultural event known as the Killaloe Fair (“the Fair”)

Discussion at the AGM was in support of this change.  The Board plans to present this change for approval of the membership at the next AGM - after due discussion and notification, of course.